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Health Pledge Pledged by Group
increase activity Hollie Manchester metropolitan university
To deal with stress better Emma Holroyd Manchester metropolitan university adult nursing
Improve overall fitness. MMU Student Nurse S15
Take Control!! Christeena G MMU
a pound for a pound! Paula MMU
Clear mind. Gabriella Catania Manchester Metropolitan Nursing Student
No more!! Sarah smart MMU
Staying healthy. Patricia Imafidon Manchester Metropolitan University (Nursing Student)
To stress less Jade Wilson MMU Student Nurse
To ensure I eat properly whilst at university Lianne bailey MMU student nurse
To ensure I look after myself MMU student MMU Student nurse
I pledge to drink alcohol on only 2 occasions per week (e Kay Remwick
Wear my Fitbit everyday Kathy Mason Expo 15
I want to recover from my eating disorder
Fast days Janette Burgess
walk to town or from town
control my weight gain Ingrid Thornley House Medical Centre
Alcohol dry days Simon R A628
#endthestigma #mentalhealthawareness Kara Blackman
Ninfa endeavours to limit coffee intake to 4 cups not mugs a day Ninfa
myself and heathprofessionals working together learning from each other with the chronic health conditions i live with
Not eat between meals Caroline Wright
Visiting Peace Garden Lisa Richards
Eat better Jessica Tobin Thornley House Medical Centre
Eat better Eddie Worsel Thornley House Medical Centre
Eat better Maddison Miles Thornley House Medical Centre
Eat better Maddison Wood Thornley House Medical Centre
Eat better Milly Moss Thornley House Medical Centre