Support Links

We’ve put together some ideas of places you can go to for information to help you with your pledge. As you can imagine, there is a mass of information available so we can’t possibly mention it all. We’ve separated what we think may be useful into General and Local information.

General Information (see below for local links)


There are some main sites each holding enormous amounts of great stuff!

If you don’t have access to a computer then perhaps you could ask someone to look up information for you...


  • Local libraries are keen to help and have lots of general & local information
  • Your doctor’s surgery will have useful information & advice. They can often help with special programmes for weight loss or smoking cessation for example
  • Local papers are great sources too

Specific Information

General sites are very useful but you may want to look at a single issue for more specific information
I’m sure you already know this but if you Google 'mental health' for example, you will get a long list so try to choose a reliable site eg.

Mental Health

Blood Pressure

Heart Health including heart rate

Lung disorders

Healthy Eating



Local Links

Here are some links to local organisations and help groups who may be able to help and encourage you on your journey.

Most areas will have plenty of support groups and other organisations that can help inspire you to pledge and make it successful. We’ve used Tameside as an example but of course, you will use your own Local Authority

For local support and activity groups, type into your preferred search engine:
“Voluntary groups in Tameside”
“Support groups in Tameside”
“What’s on in Tameside”
These will get you to different parts of the council database where you can search for what you need.



Tameside health walks


East Cheshire Harriers based at Richmond St athletics track, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Hyde Village Striders Running Club based at the Village Hotel, Hyde. Regular free Stride Out for Beginners courses

Run Together Groups - search for a local running/jogging group. Some are free and some have fees.

Swimming clubs

Ashton-Under-Lyne Swimming Club

Hyde Seal Swimming Club

Stalybridge Swimming Club


Transport for Greater Manchester cycling pages (adult training, commuting etc.)

Workout Classes/Gyms

Active Tameside formerly Tameside Sports Trust

Healthy Eating

NHS Choices healthy eating

British Heart Foundation

Health/Medical Support

Tameside mental health services

Tameside Libraries Health Resources

Information on individual issues is readily available
Running in Tameside
Exercise classes in Tameside
Singing in Tameside
Lots of local information on


Community Voluntary Action Tameside
Tameside Hospital
Work with older people


  • Your local library is a treasure trove of information & inspiration!
  • Perhaps you can get someone to look things up on the Internet for you.
  • Ring the council offices & ask for information.
  • Ask at your doctor’s surgery for health information.