Group Pledges

We encourage groups to hold their own Health Pledge campaigns. You will find tips and resources here to help you organise your campaign.

Make  yourself familiar with the idea of Health Pledge and what is available on the website. Then you will be able to answer questions & offer support to the group

1. Decide how you are going to log the pledges. Some ideas are……..

  • Using our website, twitter or facebook pages
  • Write them on a white board
  • Post it notes on a wall or notice board
  • Health Pledge Slips (also linked under Resources in the menu)
  • Writing them in a book
  • Putting them in a box
  • It’s good to keep them even though you use the social media option so that you can all refer back & check progress!

2. Make sure that all the group understands how it works and what it’s all about. This could be by…..

  • A meeting……..We’ve put this first because face to face is so much better as you can answer questions. Also so that you can get the enthusiasm going!
  • Posters………..There are some for you to download in our “Resources Section”
  • Flyers………… Ideas in the resources section which you can customise if you like.
  • Emails or social media.

3. Explain to the group about the advice & support available on the website. We want people to plan their pledge carefully so they have the best chance of succeeding.

4. Monitor progress & keep people motivated

5. Remind people that they can always start a new pledge when they have succeeded with the first one!

6. If you need any more information or want to tell us how you are getting on, please email us. We'd love to hear your story! [email protected] .uk

Good Luck!